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Rockin' and Rollin' since 2014, We Rock Charlotte originally started out as Girls Rock Charlotte. We had a small 20 person camp that summer and were hooked on the magic of Rock Camp!

In 2018 we added the Reel and launched our first Film Camp.

Both the music industry and the film industry are sorely lacking equal gender and race representation. We show youth that they can Rock N' Reel too and teach how to make disruptive change through the arts.


In one week, campers form a band, write an original song, and participate in workshops along the way. Camp workshops have included: Zines (and the herstory of Riotgrrrrl); Deconstructing Media; Self-Defense; DIY Tees; Stop Motion Animation; Lyric Writing; Rhythm & Dance; Social Media; Messy Allyship; Herstory of Rock N' Reel; Spraypainting; and tons more. 

Our camps have been held at Spirit Square, ImaginOn, Rock on 22nd, & virtually.

There's a clear need for what we offer and a reason the majority of campers come back every year. WRC is about empowering a community. Magic exists at our camp. Friendships are forged quickly and everyone is accepted for who they are. We empower them to explore their creativity and inspire change within themselves and the world around them.

camp program & mission

At We Rock Charlotte, campers learn much more than how to rock!

Our summer camp curriculum teaches these diverse individuals to learn, create, and collaborate through musical exploration. We provide lessons, workshops, and activities that build allyship and empower campers to find their voice.

This community is a safe space for campers to explore and affirm their identities, using positive and inclusive language across all genders, races, ethnicities, socio-economic levels, immigration statuses, abilities (physical, cognitive and mental), and more.

By uniting musical education with social justice programs, We Rock Charlotte teaches campers to stand up for themselves and each other as artists, activists, and allies. 

We invite all girls and gender diverse individuals to make disruptive change and rock with us!

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