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Accessibility is paramount to our mission. Apply for assisted tuition for our camps.

​​Our summer camp tuitions are based on the sliding-scale honor system with ranges from $400-$100 depending upon the camp (live or online). A sliding scale is a tool to ensure families have equitable access to experiences like our Summer Camps, regardless of financial resources. We ask for your honest and active participation in deciding your contribution. If a sliding scale is implemented effectively, everyone pays a similar percentage of their income for tuition.

We understand however that for various reasons not every family can afford to pay within the full tuition range, so we have created a range of reduced tuition amounts that makes this amazing opportunity available to everyone. Please consider your family income, resources and dependents when in the household when determining your requested tuition amount. We can also provide lunch for campers, if requested.

We live in a world of differing 
privileges and income Disparities



We Rock Charlotte does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, national and/or ethnic origin, citizenship or immigration status, marital status, sexual orientation, mental or physical ability, or gender identity in the administration of any of its educational programs, admissions policies, tuition assistance, and other camp-related policies and programs, as well as volunteer and employment-related policies and activities.

Scholarships are awarded by the We Rock Charlotte Board based on availability, need, diversity, sustained relationships with returning campers, and enthusiasm. They are NOT awarded on a first-come, first-served basis. If you are not awarded a scholarship in the first round, you may receive one in the second or third round. Please note that if a scholarship is awarded, you will be asked to complete a brief demographic survey. Recipients of full and partial scholarships to We Rock Charlotte will be notified no later than June 1 so that families can make their summer care plans.

All families must commit a minimum of $25 to ensure engagement.


Selection Rounds

Scholarship requests for the We Rock Charlotte summer camps will be accepted on a rolling basis of three rounds of review. 


Ask us for help

Due to our limited funds, we cannot afford to grant every request for reduced tuition...but we will try. Also, please don't hesitate to ask - this is what we are all about.

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