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we rock Music Lab

An evolution of Pachyderm Music Lab

Ages 1st grade and up learn how to play and perform music from local musicians in an inclusive magical space. Students can learn guitar, voice, bass, drums, piano, ukulele, woodwinds and mandolin.

Student albums, band practice, fall concerts, field trips, workshops, music production, music videos and group rehearsals are hallmarks of the raddest music school in the queen city.

music is a language 
we want to share


Make your wildest music dreams come true with our experienced teachers. We'll cover some theory, practice songs and even write/produce our own. Music Lessons are suitable for folks of school-age learning or older. Lessons are taught in-person at We Rock Charlotte.

Learning music builds confidence and gives us skills that transcend it's practical uses. The staff at WRC understands the positive power that music and teachers have on the surrounding community. Our staff will instruct students how to play their instrument of choice and build a foundational understanding of basic concepts of music theory and techniques, while teaching with compassion and kindness.


Music production became a part of our programs during the pandemic and we dig it! Every year we make a few student albums and music videos to go along with the songs for students who want to participate.


Come weekly or every other week in intervals of 30, 45, or 60 minutes. All lessons are pre-paid 1 month in advance. 


band practice and CONCERTS


Youth who sign up for music lessons in the summer

will get opportunities to connect, collaborate and jam with their peers in weekly band rehearsals through our We Rock All-Stars program. 


Playing in a band not only builds more advanced musicianship, it also fosters community and camaraderie.


This event ends when our youth headline the We Rock Youth Stage at Festival in the Park in September! Students that dont make the audition for the group classes, still get a chance to take the stage at our Youth Open Mics!

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policies & procedures

Learn Guitar, Bass, Ukulele, Drums, Piano, Voice, Mandolin, Music Production or Songwriting. We'll cover some theory, practice songs, and/or multiple instruments!



Music Lessons are suitable for 1st graders and up. Adults and all genders are welcome!



Our instructors are local musicians, who usually work as gigging musicians or work in corporate jobs and need an outlet a few evenings a week. Background checks are required. We invest time in our teachers with regular trainings. It is our goal for all of our staff to feel supported and continue to grow as teachers. Men, women and non-binary folx are all a part of our growing family!



Each teacher has their own teaching style, but we all stick to the same learning standards which are R.O.C.K!

Review: Recap & Warmup
Offer: a new student activity
Check for Understanding  
Keep: Recap & Homework  


All of our teachers will show you how to play music and build foundational understanding of basic concepts of music theory and techniques.



All students also create musical goals and have regular check-ins with their teachers. These goals are personal and also collaborative. 



We create a collaborative space, even in one-on-one lessons. Students are usually working toward a common goal like a concert or a student album release.


Students also have designated times where they can meet up and work on music together in preparation for upcoming shows.



We apply for gifts and fundraise to go to theater shows, music performances and exhibits together. In previous years we attended the Immersive Van Gogh exhibit, saw Meeshel Ndegeocello in concert and attended Wicked.



There's a wide variety of plans to suit your needs. It starts off with a 30 minute lesson for $45. View plans & pricing.



There are limited scholarships available for low income families. Click here to apply.

Seasonal Focus

Summer to Fall


Youth enrolled in summer music lessons can audition for We Rock All-Stars where students connect, collaborate and jam with their peers in weekly band rehearsals, learning and performing covers.


Playing in a band not only builds more advanced musicianship, it also fosters community and camaraderie. Students learn how to use their unique voice and share the stage with others! 


Our We Rock All-Stars program ends with a bang at Festival in the Park in September, where our students headline the We Rock Youth Stage!


Adult students are encouraged to attend group open mics with our teaching musicians throughout the summer and fall months.

Winter to Spring


Adults and Youth who sign up by January 1st can be a part of our student album.  Students create, produce and record original songs then storyboard, shoot and edit their own music video.


Music Lab students deep dive into the creation process from start to finish, getting mentored in songwriting, music production, and film production. 


This hands on approach demystifies the creation process and encourages exploration and collaboration. All students get free admission to story boarding, stop motion animation and songwriting workshops during this process.


This event culuminates into an album release party to remember at a local movie theater where our students showcase their videos and talk about the process with the community.




our history

Pachyderm Music Lab Founder Krystle Baller traveled around the city teaching bass and guitar in people's homes after discovering their knack for teaching with Girls Rock Charlotte. Krystle's work as Music Director with GRC also sparked the idea for Lady Rockstars. They started Lady Rockstars in a warehouse in NoDa and then opened up Pachyderm in June of 2016. 

In 2019 PML & GRC got a sweet little place together called Rock on 22nd. Pachyderm kept growing eventually winning "Best Music Organization in 2021" in QC Nerve's Best of the Nest Critic's Pick Award as well as national recognition in Guitar Girl Mag's Winter 2021 issue.

The symbiotic relationship between Pachyderm and Girls Rock always existed, in 2022 Girls Rock Charlotte decided to take PML under their wing to become part of the nonprofit organization "We Rock Charlotte". 


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