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QC NERVE | Best Arts Workshop: We Rock Charlotte, AMPLIFY!

BEST ARTS WORKSHOP: We Rock Charlotte, Amplify!

Queen City Nerve Best in the Nest 2022, Critics' Pick

We Rock Charlotte, which rebranded from Girls Rock Charlotte in February in an effort to reflect their increasingly LGBTQ+ clientele and become a more welcoming and inclusive space for trans kids among a wave of hatred from the right, holds year-round Amplify workshops to help build on that mission; it’s not just about welcoming, but lifting up.

An artist paints a design during We Rock Charlotte’s springtime spray-paint workshop. (Photo by Krystle Baller)

Workshops range from writing, practicing and performing music to learning to spray-paint a wall and other ways to use arts to boost the voices of underserved communities, including film, social justice programming, and more.

“There’s so many things that young people carry with them. So much judgment and shame,” workshop leader Elizabeth Palmisano told Queen City Nerve in April. “But when you introduce a creative outlet, they take that thing inside them and kind of pull it out and look at it in a more objective way. They really look at it and not feel judged.”

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