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QC NERVE | Best Music Organization 2022 We Rock Charlotte


Best in the Nest 2022 Critics' Pick

Krystle Baller wears many hats, but none has been more important than that of music director for the organization formerly known as Girls Rock Charlotte, which has amplified the voices of girls, women, and gender-diverse youth and adults since 2014.

A stage performance from We Rock Charlotte. (Photo courtesy of We Rock Charlotte)

With its popular series of summer camps, GRC has moved the needle for inclusion and gender equity. In February, the organization announced a full rebranding, changing its name from Girls Rock Charlotte to We Rock Charlotte, and Baller made the jump to creative director for the organization. The decision makes the program more visibly inclusive to trans and gender nonconforming young people.

As We Rock Charlotte, the organization has also expanded its reach and programs, now offering year-round music classes, workshops, corporate team-building, leadership retreat experiences and more. “We were just … waiting for the right timing,” Baller says. “Because when we started in 2014, the gender language wasn’t where it is now.”


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